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Best  links  to  Long  Island  Weather:


NORTH  SHORE  MARINE  - NDBC Station 44039, Center of Long Island Sound


THE WEATHER CHANNEL - Local  Forecast for Deer Park


DOPPLER  - Doppler Radar


SOUTH  SHORE  MARINE  - NDBC Station 44025,  33 NM South of Islip on Atlantic Ocean


TIDES INFO - Saltwatertides.com (tides time & height, + sunrise, sunset, noon rise/set)


MOON PHASES -  Moon Calendar


WEB CAM -  Current surf condition at Gilgo beach


WEB CAM -  Current surf condition at Long bbeach


WEB CAM -  Current surf condition at Hamptoons beach


Tide Charts for Fishing -  for Fire Island Inlet


Tides Online NOAA -  State Maps - 8510560 Montauk Point


Time and Date - Time, Sun, Moon, Weather, info





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