Surf Fishing 11-11-05

Surf Fishing:    November  11, 2005

Location: Robert Moses Field 4


Magic day on Robert Moses Beaches, ... always produces blitzes.


2003 -  stripers on peanut  bunker

2004 - striper and bluefish on herrings

2005 - bluefish on adult bunker




Astonishing sunrise.



Showtime started about 7am, fish moved fast from West to East.



Catch of the day: bluefish 5 -12 lbs.



Prey (adult bunker) and predator (bluefish)



Fish on, surfer on my right side.



Happy surfcasters, striper caught on tin with white bucktail.




Best fish of that morning.



Congratulation John! Nice job!



.... a good day of fishing is better than a good working day.





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