Kayaking on Long Island

Nissequogue River

Direction to lunch site at Nissequogue River State Park:

Take Sunken Meadow Parkway North to exit SM4 -

Pulaski Road (East,  0.8 miles) which changes into Old Dock Rd. (1.5 miles),

At the 4th traffic light  make a right onto St. Johnland Rd.

Park entrance is 0.5 mile on the left.


Link to: Nissequogue River State Park


 The mouth of Nissequogue River. Check tide table before trip, current can be very strong.


(0.0 Miles) Kayak and canoe launch site. GENERAL RULES (text from sign)

Please obey the following rules for a safe and enjoyable visit:

* Must wear PFD (personal flotation device) or life jacket.

* No Alcohol is allowed. * Must stay in vessel at all times. Riverbed is muddy and therefore dangerous

* No fishing in launch or dock areas. * No launching before sunrise

* Must have whistle or horn onboard and obey all water laws and regulations.

* Observe the tide chart and be sure to launch and return during high tide (tide table on display).


(400 yards)


(0.5 Miles) Wet land, marshes, swamps, birds, fish..... other kayakers.


(~0.7 Miles) Have binoculars and camera ready, enjoy breathtaking nature.


 (0.8 Miles) Alternative launch site on Rivera Drive in Kings Park.


(~2.0 Miles) You must pay toll, this is his river.


(~3.0 Miles)


(4.2 Miles)  Alternative launch site from town park at Landing Ave in Smithtown.


(4.2 Miles) Are you ready for hungry visitors?


(4.2 Miles) First bridge of the trip at Landing Ave, and no more help from big boats.


(4.6 Miles)  This is now pure fresh water trout river.


(4.9 Miles)


(5.0 Miles) Alternative launch site from town park at Road 25/25A in Smithtown.



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