Carp Fishing



Something different  - carp fishing on a nice warm day,

 when a stripers are not in a feeding mood?


Take Kids Fishing!

Carps on Long Island are big (2-30 lbs) and strong, you will need right tackle to fish carp:

Rod: 6-7 feet, light or medium action (example: Daiwa Samurai PS12, 6.6',medium, spinning)

Reel: medium size with very smooth and reliable drag system

(example: Shimano Spirex 2000, rear drag, spinning)   

Bait and chum - sweet whole corn, use 3-5 grains on hook and half of the can for chumming.

Bait hooks (sizes from #8 to #10), gold color, tied directly to main line.  


Use only a top quality fishing line (from 4 lbs. to 8 lbs. max), less diameter = more bites.

Rig: sinker 0.5 - 1.0 oz.,  about 24" from the hook, use small split shot sinker as the stopper.

Catch, take picture and release (location: Millpond) 

Where to fish carp?

Practically any freshwater lake or pond on Long Island holds good population of carp.

Pick a spot with hard bottom, free of weeds or underwater obstacles,

and some space to land and release fish, see picture above.


Here's some good locations:

1. Elda Lake in North Babylon

2. Belmont Lake at Belmont Lake State Park

3. Argyle Memorial Park in Babylon (north of Rd. 27A)

4. Southaras Pond in Babylon

5. Millpond in Wantangh (north of Rd.27 & south of Park Ave.)

6. Massapequa Preserve (north of Rd. 27)

7. Lake Ronkonkoma




Best season for carp fishing is spring and fall with water temp range 60-80F.

Carp will be "inactive" at water temp under 50F, and above 90F.

Note: freshwater fishing in New York State requires fishing license.


Good luck !




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