Boat Trip 5-14-03

Fluke Fishing Trip on Peconic Star II - highly recommended party boat

 8:00 am - 3:30 pm.,  Wednesday,  May 14, 2003


 Location:  Greenport, Long Island  (High Tide at ~10:00 am.)



Bait: spearing and squid strips.



Low rig (best catcher): spearing and squid strip combo.



High rig: teaser with squid strip (best teaser color was green).



Catch of the day: Fluke (Summer Flounder).

Two people from DEC was collecting scales from fish,

and recording length for fluke population study.



Tolek's catch: 25", 6 lb 1 oz. fluke - "second fish" on boat - $50,

("first fish" that day was 26.5", 6lb 6 oz fluke - $200)

+ one more keeper fluke, one short and two bluefish 3-4 lb.

Lost: nice keeper size fluke at net, hooked by tail. 



Bob's catch: two keepers fluke, one short and four bluefish 3-6 lb.



Some boats around: Prime Time III and Celtic Horizon II.



Nice weather...



Nice landscape...



and...a good day of fishing is better than a good working day.





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